Estimate the direct and indirect economic benefits related to the restoration of the Carleton-sur-Mer wharf through the implementation of the various works included in the plans proposed by the Ville de Carleton-sur-Mer and its partners

Client: Ville de Carleton-sur-Mer

Areas of intervention: Adaptation to social and climate change

Services: Analysis and diagnosis

Year: 2015

Researcher: Jean-Daniel Glazer Allard

The Ville de Carleton-sur-Mer commissioned CIRADD to produce an economic impact survey of the municipal wharf redevelopment project. To do this, the organization teamed up with Marc Simard, an economist and consultant. The survey was conducted in the summer of 2015 with tourists visiting the municipality and with companies related to the tourism sector.

Based on the data collected, the analysis deals with the characteristics of Carleton-sur-Mer’s tourism, estimated tourism expenditures, tourism expenditures and economic spinoffs and, finally, the economic profile of businesses and the opportunity cost associated with the wharf redevelopment project. The survey enabled conclusions to be drawn on the potential economic benefits of the project and the costs of its non-realization.