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Develop adaptation measures to climate change that will be adapted to the territory of municipalities.

Partners: Carleton-sur-Mer, New Richmond, Bonaventure et Maria

Area of intervention: Adaptation to social and climate change

Services: Support and accompaniment

Year: 2019 (in progress)

Researcher: Esteban Figueroa

For several years, studies carried out in particular by the Laboratoire de dynamique et de gestion intégrée des zones côtières (UQAR) and OURANOS have documented coastal dynamics and bank erosion in Eastern Quebec.

With a view to knowledge transfer in the community, four municipalities (Carleton-sur-Mer, Maria, New Richmond and Bonaventure), in collaboration with the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles and its social innovation research centre (CIRADD), as well as the Comité ZIP Gaspésie, are developing a pilot project to improve the capacities of communities to manage coastal zones and adapt to climate change.


The objectives are:

  • Involve local actors (citizens, civil society organizations and municipal authorities) in decision-making processes concerning the management of coastal zones;
  • Integrate climate risk management into decisions;
  • Use scientific research results to benefit communities.

Co-construction is the preferred approach. It is an innovative participatory approach where citizens, organizations, businesses, municipal employees and decision-makers are stakeholders in the process. The work involves several disciplines and specialties and takes into account the opinions of all stakeholders early in the process, leading to priority decisions in the planning of coastal zones.

The expected results are:

The establishment of an integrated coastal zone management plan, a tool that facilitates the planning of adaptation measures to climate change specific to the reality of the region. This plan could include information and awareness factsheets and recommendations for interventions by sector, an action plan and good practice guides for citizens, employees and elected officials.