Sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation

For sustainable recreation and tourism activities for community development

Accompany the actors of recreation and tourism in their sustainable development challenges in a rigorous and integrated way.

CIRADD’s researchers include a team of specialists dedicated to the sustainability of recreational tourism activities. Millions of national and foreign tourists visit Canada every year. This sector is thus an economic pillar for several rural territories. However, recreational tourism poses certain challenges in terms of sustainability. This is why its sustainable development requires leading-edge expertise to support businesses and organizations in their projects.

Sectors of activity:

  • Sustainable development of tourism areas
  • Sustainable transition of activities
  • Harmonious land use
  • Management of new sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation practices



  • Applied research
  • Individual support for product development and improvement
  • Support for network-based innovation
  • Training and coaching

Projects in progress or completed

Associated team

Our innovation specialists will accompany you in a realistic transition process that will enable you to adapt your strategies according to the needs and issues of your environment.