Facilitation and training

To bring your projects to life and grow them in a responsible and sustainable way

This is where your participation becomes a source of innovation! Through creative workshops, consultation and co-construction activities or knowledge transfer processes, CIRADD will engage you in finding answers to the problems you are experiencing. Using participatory reflection-action tools, our team will bring out the different points of view and highlight the knowledge and innovation capacities of your environment. To generate shared solutions, ensure constructive participation, transfer of knowledge or training adapted to your needs, CIRADD has the team you need!

For CIRADD, the transfer of knowledge or training is what guarantees the sustainability of the project and the degree to which the people in the environment take ownership of it. We have co-constructed numerous accompaniment guides with partners so that the project can be adapted to other organizations, particularly in rural areas.

In addition, CIRADD organizes several activities each year involving students or the community, such as conferences and scientific symposia to transmit knowledge to communities.

Projects in progress or completed