The CIRADD approach: Research and innovation

To meet the needs of the environment through new and creative strategies.



Our approach consists of responding to the needs of the environment by promoting innovative practices for new and creative solutions with a concern for sustainability. CIRADD works in the field of sustainable territorial development, paying special attention to the challenges of rural life: social inclusion, employability, mobility and the sustainable development of natural resources and communities. We support organizations, businesses and communities by providing services and activities such as applied research, analysis, coaching, facilitation or training.

Through collaborations focused on the sharing of knowledge and expertise, we work with our partners to promote the achievement of common objectives and sustainable solutions.

Affiliated with the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, CIRADD is part of the Synchronex network, which brings together 59 college technology transfer centres in Québec, and involves college students in scientific research projects aimed at developing their critical capacity, enabling them to contribute to the development of the region. It is also part of Tech Access Canada, a Canada-wide network of 60 technology access centers.

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CIRADD is a leader in sustainable development, expert in social innovation for the purpose of harmonious and responsible occupation of the territory, community vitality and well-being and adaptation to social and climate change.

CIRADD has a human approach that expresses respect and openness, and recognizes the richness of diversity. We value co-creation with our partners as well as the sharing and transfer of knowledge through a rigorous scientific approach and by demonstrating neutrality. CIRADD is invested in what it undertakes and aims to ensure the sustainability of its actions.


  • Humanism
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Rigor
  • Commitment