CIRADD accueil

Support the CEGEP network in the development of an evaluation framework for the integration of practices related to sustainable development.

Partner: CEGEP network

Area of intervention: Adaptation to social and climate change

Services: Research and experimentation

Year: 2019

Researcher: Virgile Deroche

Greening: The process of pursuing knowledge and practices with the intention of becoming more environmentally friendly, enhancing decision-making and lifestyle in more ecologically responsible manner, that can lead to environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources for current and future generations.” (UNESCO-UNEVOC, 2017)

The objective of this project is to compile a portrait of the appropriation and application of concepts related to sustainable development in the operation of CEGEPs, whether at the level of students, staff or management. To achieve this objective, CIRADD will collect data on 5 focus areas:

  1. Greening of the campus;
  2. Greening of curriculum and training;
  3. Greening of research;
  4. Greening the community and the workplace;
  5. Greening the institutional culture.

This research will provide an inventory of the initiatives implemented in each institution and make it possible to measure their extent.