Meet with seniors to find out their needs and concerns, and together with them identify solutions

Client: MRC d’Avignon

Areas of intervention: Vitality and well-being of communities; Adaptation to social and climate change

Services: Accompaniment; training; analysis and diagnosis

Year: 2015

Researcher: Anne-Julie Landry

The outreach approach was chosen to achieve the objectives of this project as it enables the creation of strong bonds of trust between seniors and the outreach worker.

The objectives were:

Know the real needs of seniors in terms of housing and social inclusion;

Identify solutions adapted to the realities of small communities to enable seniors, if they wish, to remain in their village;

Promote the inclusion and participation of seniors in their neighbourhood and their municipality, to the full extent of their capacity;

Stimulate the creation of links between seniors and the community and invite all citizens to contribute to the well-being of seniors;

Facilitate their access to services and involvement in the community;

Ensure the transferability of tools developed and solutions identified for other communities experiencing similar issues.