Canva - Person Holding Two Brown Mushrooms (1)

Develop and apply a tool to assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of “mycodevelopment” in Kamouraska after a decade of development.

Partern: Biopterre

Areas of intervention: Territorial occupation and development

Services: Applied research

Year: 2018

Researcher: Virgile Deroche

Kamouraska has been committed to the development of a new mycological economy since 2010 and has identified this sector as a regional development priority. It is an innovative approach, promising for the economy and vitalization of the whole region, especially for the Haut-Pays.

The constant and tangible progress of various sectors of activity (research, training, collection, production, marketing, mycotourism, etc.) is a result that they can be proud of after eight years of sustainable development. The project enjoys regional, Québec, Canadian and international recognition, contributing to the region’s reputation.

However, it is currently difficult to measure the real impacts of “mycodevelopment.” This is an obstacle, as data is necessary to gauge the progress of the sector, objectively demonstrate the positive effects for the environment, promote the model and ultimately to justify continued development efforts.