Co-create with the partner, innovative practices that promote the establishment of collective businesses based on the traditional knowledge of Cree women.

Partner: Association des femmes cries d’Eeyou Ischee (CWEIA)

Area of intervention: Community vitality and well-being

Services: Applied research

Year: 2015

Researcher: David Bourdages

The project consists of developing and putting into practice a framework of references and support practices for Aboriginal women’s entrepreneurship, based on the enhancement of their traditional knowledge. Specifically, the project wanted to establish a diagnostic profile of the current support system for women’s entrepreneurship, develop a process of accompaniment and support for the establishment of collective businesses to enhance the value of the traditional knowledge of Cree women and create tools that will enable more effective entrepreneurial accompaniment to be provided to the Aboriginal women supported by CWEIA.

Through this project, the researchers and the partner wanted to equip CWEIA by enabling it to improve its support and accompaniment processes for women’s entrepreneurship in Cree communities.