Collaborate in setting up a workshop offered to employers in the RCMs of Avignon and Bonaventure in order to equip them in their practices aimed at welcoming, integrating, and retaining new employees. The content of this workshop will be based in particular on data collected in the territory following surveys of a pool of employers and newcomers.

Client:  Place aux jeunes Baie-des-Chaleurs/Les Plateaux

Areas of intervention: Community vitality and well-being ; Adaptation to social change

Services:  Support and accompaniment, Analysis and diagnosis

Year: 2020

Researcher: Sarah Jane Parent

In recent years, Place aux jeunes Baie-des-Chaleurs/Les Plateaux has observed that the integration of newcomers into their work environment isn’t without its challenges. Discussions with a number of newcomers led the organization to question the practices of employers regarding the reception and integration of new employees from outside the Gaspésie. In addition, the organization observes that many employers are not aware of the resources available. In the current context of a labour shortage, it is relevant to equip employers in terms of reception, but also in terms of retaining new employees. This project therefore pursues two objectives led by CIRADD. The first is to document the realities and challenges of the labour market of the RCMs of Avignon and Bonaventure, from two different points of view: that of newcomers and that of the employers who welcome them to their companies. The second is the design of a workshop on best practices regarding the welcoming, integration and retention of new employees. The content of this workshop will be based on responses to the survey of newcomers, in collaboration with Place aux jeunes Baie-des-Chaleurs/Les Plateaux.