Compile a portrait of the situation, using data collected on the territory of Gaspésie, in order to document the housing issues in the territory.

Client: Gaspé Prefects Table

Areas of intervention: Vitalité et bien-être des collectivitésadaptation aux changements sociaux 

Services:  Analysis and diagnosis

Year: 2019

Researcher: Jean-Daniel Glazer Allard

Many investments are currently being made to promote the region and the jobs that go with it. However, the lack of affordable and adequate housing appears to be a barrier to the settlement of newcomers. The regional priorities as stated by the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation also target the following action to be favored in the short term: ensuring a sufficient, balanced and quality supply of residential housing. Indeed, the current housing stock in the region is no longer sufficient to meet demand.

The present project consists of providing the region with a housing situation report, focusing on the one hand on the housing needs of newcomers and the obstacles encountered in their search for accommodation; and on the other hand, on the situation of private actors, by seeking to better understand the factors that influence developers to invest or not in the construction of residential housing. This study will collect data in order to equip the Gaspé Prefects Table to better determine regional intervention targets to meet the challenges of housing.